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20 Adsense Tips to Get Easy Adsense Approval

easy adsense approval
As we all know, Adsense is one of the biggest and highest paying ad networks that has been running by Google. Currently it is one of the best PPC networks and millions of publishers are already using it on their blogs, that’s why Google has made strict policies for new Adsense publishers.  So without following complete Adsense guidelines nobody can get Adsense approved easily. One more thing to notice is that, once your application gets disapproved then it’s very hard to get Adsense account approved in future, so it’s very important to follow these 20 Adsense tips to Get easy Adsense approval. If you have applied for Google Adsense already and your adsense application has disapproved then also you can follow these adsense tips to get easy adsense approval next time.

So, without taking much of your time, here we go.

1) Privacy policy: Privacy policy is one of the most important things that Google looks in a blog. Privacy policy outlines the type of personal information a blog receives and how it uses that information. Personal information could be data about cookies, emails, and phone numbers etc. You can create adsense friendly privacy policy easily via privacy policy generators like Serprank.

2) About us Page: Google hates to deal with anonymous website or blog owners. So always try to include an about us page on your blog which describes who is the man behind blog and what is the purpose of your blog. You can take seopious’ about us page as a reference for creating yours.  

3) Top-Level Domain Name: Now days, Google is not allowing more publishers with free domain names like, etc. So always buy a custom or top-level domain name before applying for Google Adsense. If you have already setup your blog on free domain names, then you can transfer your blog anytime from free domain names like etc to custom domain names using 301 redirect.

4) Make Your Email More Professional: If you are using an email address like while applying for Google Adsense then chances for getting adsense approval will be very less. Better to use paid email address like to get Adsense approval quickly. You can buy this kind of paid email address while registering your domain name. Else you can create free email address which look more professional like

5) HTML Sitemap Page: Html sitemap page makes a blog or website easy to navigate and more user-friendly. Always add an HTML sitemap page in your blog so users can get a list of all articles at one place.

6)No illegal Content:  Google is very much strict for illegal content, if you have posted anything related to hacking, cracking, adult material, casino, gambling or tobacco, Then make sure before applying for Google adsense, you have removed everything that fall in illegal content category. Else Google will never approve your Adsense application.

7) No Copyright Content: If you have copied anything like images, videos, articles, templates or plugins etc without permission of its owner or giving proper credits, then your Adsense account won’t get approved. Always give credits to copyright content this will increase faith for you in Google eyes and well as will save you from Adsense disapproval in future.

8) Your Age: Your age must above 18 years old at the time for applying Google Adsense. So make sure you are more than 18 years old, to get fast Adsense approval.

9) Site Age: Beside your age, Site age also plays an important role while getting Adsense account approval. For some Asian countries like India and Pakistan, Google made strict policies on site age, if your site is not at least 6 month old, then getting Adsense approval will not be easy. So if you are belonging from Asian countries, then always wait for at least 6 months till domain registration to get Adsense application approved in first time.  

10) Number of Posts: A blog must have at least 30 posts to get Adsense approval. So if you are applying for Adsense while your blog have 10-20 posts then slow yourself down, It will lead you to early rejection.

11) Blog or Website Design: If you think that an eye-catching site can get Adsense account approval easily then you might be wrong. Because Google has already cleared that they need sites which are user-friendly and simple. So before applying, Keep your design simple and work to increase page-load time of your blog.

12) Adding value to web: As we all know, that in second phase Google’s employees manually review blog or website to check that, is blog adding value to the web. If not then most probably they will reject adsense application without a proper reason. So a rule of thumb says, always create a blog or website to add value to internet, and never think about making money via blog in first six months. And once you finished this 6 month span, Look your site from a readers aspect and answer the question, Is the blog/website adding value to web? If yes, then go and apply for Adsense. Else work more to add some quality articles to site to make it more valuable.

13) Other Ad Networks: In Google Adsense policy, it’s clearly mentioned that you can use any other ad networks with Adsense, But most of the times other ad networks makes a blog or website more unprofessional by loading unwanted pop ups and sidebar banner ads, So always remove all other ads networks before applying for Adsense, However once you get adsense account approved you are free to use as many ad networks as you want to.

14) Outbound Links: Bad outbound links are one of the primary reasons why many Adsense applications disapprove every day. If you add links to sites which are serving copyright content or providing illegal material then Google will not accept your blog in their monetization program. You can check your outbound links by wintzell outbound link checker tool. Once you will get a list of all your outbound links by this tool don’t forget to check all links for serving illegal material manually. If you found any, remove it immediately. It will help your blog to do better in Google search as well as at the time of Adsense account approval.

15) Contact us form: A contact form is a must to have thing in any blog. According to google, a blog without contact form is not user-friendly. So it would be good if you add a contact form to your blog or website before applying for google Adsense. You can create a free contact us form by using contact form builder.

16) Traffic: Daily traffic also plays an important role in Google Adsense account approval. In the second phase of Google Adsense account approval, when we have to add the Adsense code to our blog, Google checks for the incoming traffic to blog. If your blog gets less than 1000 page views from Google per day, then before applying for Adsense, you need to do some traffic optimization to increase your organic traffic, Else Google will not add you to its monetization network.

17) Broken Links: Google hates broken links. You must check internal and external broken links before applying for Google Adsense. One good tool to check broken links is broken link check . Check all the broken links with this tool, and make sure you have replaced all broken links to their working version.

18) Multiple accounts: If you are having any other fully approved Adsense account, then don’t apply for another Adsense account again, No matter how Geek you are, Sooner or later; it will lead you to permanent ban. One better way to use Adsense on multiple sites is by adding another site to same Adsense account.

19) Re-Apply Timeframe:  Most of the times when an Adsense application gets disapproved, People again re-apply immediately without considering the reason for initial disapproval. This is one of the serious kind of mistake, so always, read disapproval mail carefully, Make suitable changes to blog or website. Then apply. A rule of thumb says; Always keep a gap of at least 20-30 days before re-applying for Adsense, else Google will ban your domain.

20) Correct Information while signing up: This is one of the most important things, that Google notices while reviewing an Adsense application, so be precise with information while signing up for Adsense.

So here comes, the end of article“20 Adsense Tips to Get Easy Adsense Approval”. 
What you think on these Adsense tips, what things you consider before applying for Adsense, I would like to hear from you.


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