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5 Most profitable Niches for blogging

profitable Niches for blogging
Now day’s blogging is emerging as another full time career option for passionate writers. But blogging is not all about article writing, instead it’s a process of building authority, many people join blogging with a hope to make huge money online. But despite of building authority 90% of them fail to do so.  The reason is quite clear; they don’t do proper niche research. In laymen terms, Niche research can be a process of finding most profitable niches for blogging that derives not only huge audience but good amount of money as well.

So today we are listing, list of 5 niches for blogs that can make money easily. We analyzed every niche on various factors like PPC network earnings, Sponsored posting opportunities, and Competition in niches.

1) Education: Education is the best niche for any blogger. In this niche, the targeting audience is not intelligent enough to differentiate your internal links and link based advertisements. Hence, you can make good amount of money by using ad networks like adsense and etc. Beside this, competition in education niche is very low and after doing some seo, you can rank easily for particular keyword. Millions of peoples around globe search for edu related articles daily. Education niche has high potential for traffic, And most of the edu blogs get thousands of page views per day.
Sponsored posts opportunities in education niche are very less than other niches. So choose education niche if you want to earn with PPC networks only.

2) Health and Fitness: Health and Fitness is another popular niche. The best thing about health niche is that you can target audience from all around the globe from any blog post, because health and fitness tips can be used by any reader, regardless of his location. Again many people search for health tips and problems daily so after doing some seo, traffic would be very high. Most of the traffic in health niche is not so intelligent to differentiate between normal links and text based advertisement. So the potential to earn with PPC networks would be good. Sponsored posts opportunities are slightly higher than education niche blogs. So you will surly make some bucks via sponsored posts.

3) Technology: This niche has various sub niches like computers, internet, mobile phones, gadgets, product review etc. No matter whether you choose “computers” or “gadgets” sub-niche, earning opportunities would be almost same. Traffic in tech niche remains very high, but competition is high too. So you have to do a lot of seo in-order to rank for a particular keyword. In this niche you will get intelligent audience who can easily differentiate between advertisements and actual links. So PPC networks will not work well. But the best thing is that, once you will get Google Pagerank 2 or above 2, you will get many high paying sponsored posting offers monthly that can easily surplus monthly adsense income of other niche blogs.

4) Love and Relationships: Human is a social animal, and many people surf internet to get articles to improve their relationships daily. Hence you can get high amount of traffic as well as genuine audience in this niche. Building authority is not so difficult because competition is low. By writing some good articles and proper seo you can rank well. PPC networks perform great on love and relationship blogs. In comparison with other niches, Sponsored posting opportunities are very less and you will not get more than 2-3 paid posts per month.

5) Lifestyle: This is another popular niche, which can fetch good amount of money from PPC networks as well as sponsored posts. If monetize efficiently, you can also earn some bucks with affiliated marketing. Competition is medium and you can target whole world’s audience from any blog post. 

Final Verdict:

A rule of thumb is that, Any authority blog can make money. But profitable niche authority blogs make huge amount of money every month. So if you are starting a new blog then consider to do blogging on any of the 5 Most Profitable niches that are listed above. 

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