Wednesday, 25 December 2013

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5 Smart ways to automate your link building task

Link Building
Whether you are looking for organic traffic or Pagerank, link building is an important task. In order to get high rankings in SERP, You have to build high number of quality backlinks that would be pointing to your site. But link building is not so easy, as it sounds, that’s why, many webmaster outsource the link building task to SEO firms. But despite of outsourcing and paying thousands of USD’s they don’t get the results as they want. The reason is quite clear; search engines have become very selective and they only
assign the weight for the link that looks natural to them. So today we are listing 5 smart ways to automate your link building task. After reading this article, you will know about the link building strategies by which you can create quality and natural backlinks automatically without paying thousands of dollars to SEO firms.

1) Develop a Gadget or Template: This is one of the best ways, to get thousands of quality backlinks easily. Every blog owner uses a template and several Wiget like subscription box, social sharing buttons, related posts widget etc, and most of them search Google for free gadgets. If you are good in web development languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc then you can easily develop a gadget or blog template. After development, Drop your website or blog URL in footer as a credit link and Keep the gadget or template free to use so that more and more bloggers can download that. If you are good in web development language, then developing a gadget or template will not take more than a week or two, But by doing so, you will get high quality backlinks for lifetime.

2) Design an infographic: infographics are great way to share information in pictorial form. If you are good in designing then you can design an infographic, and can submit the same on 50-100 high Pagerank blogs as a guest post. Most of the bloggers like infographics, and they will publish it happily as well as will not mind to link back to your blog from guest post. One more thing to notice here, that infographics serve information in pictorial form, so you can publish the same infographics as many blogs as you want, they will not be detectable by plagiarism detection tools like Copyscape or search engines like google.

3) Free services: Free services get backlinks very easily. If you are good in something like security audit, SEO audit or logo designing etc offer it free via your blog. You will start getting links from other blogs and online discussion forums quickly.

4) Free Product: This is another best way to build natural backlinks automatically. If you are good in web development or programming language, then you can develop an online or offline software product like Meta tag analyzer, plagiarism detection tool, Adsense sandbox checker or traffic generating software etc. These kind of products generally loved by audience and if you host any of these free products on your website then you will surly get tons of backlinks easily.

5) Content Marketing: In a layman terms, content marketing is just a way to write articles so that they will get backlinks automatically. Many famous bloggers has adapted content marketing as their primary link building strategy. Basically, the combination of well researched and well written articles fall under content marketing category. So if you want to build high quality backlinks naturally and automatically then never neglect content marketing. To get more information about article writing tips or content marketing read our Article writing section.

What you think on this article, do you have any other smart way to build backlinks automatically, Feel free to drop that in comment section below.

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