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6 Article Writing Tips to Increase Organic Search Traffic

Article writing tips
Organic traffic is very valuable kind of traffic in the field of blogging. It brings all new targeted audience to your blog that can be converted to genuine readers easily. One of the most important factor for which Organic search traffic is so much popular in the field of blogging is that, PPC networks such as Adsense and Yahoo gives high CPC for the organic traffic clicks. By following some of the article writing tips we can easily increase organic search traffic.

Article Writing Tips to Increase Organic Search Traffic

1) Write fresh content: Search engines love fresh content that is not actually exists anywhere else over internet. If you are taking a reference of an article to write a new article then most probably it will not rank well on search engine. Always write articles on things in which you are good so that you can insert your own thoughts in it to improve uniqueness.    

2) Write about trending topics: Trending topics are one of the most important factors to bring organic search traffic to your blog. Trending topics may be any real world news or event. For i.e. if you are a love and relationship niche blogger and writing an article in the month of February than writing about Valentine’s Day will help you to fetch good amount of incoming search traffic from search engines. Same rule applies on tech bloggers as well, If Apple recently announced a new iphone, then instead writing about windows 98, write about apple’s new iphone.

3) Write list of Articles: List of articles such as “List of article writing tips to increase organic search traffic” rank well on search engines. Before writing a list of article, do some research and create your own list. Never take reference from any other list.

4) Keep Word Count High:  Word Count plays an important role to rank an article high on search engines. If you will write big articles then chances for ranking for different keywords on search engines will increase. An ideal word count is 800-1500 words. But incase if you are not good in the topic then don’t stretch the article just for the sake to increase the word count. 

5) Write How to Articles: How to articles are the most searched articles over internet. There are many peoples who love to try new things in their life, and to learn these new things they search for articles over internet. If you write about how to articles then they will surly bring more organic traffic than other articles exist on your blog. 

6) Do Some Keyword Research: Keyword research is one of the most important things to do before writing an article. A properly used low competitive keyword can bring high volume of traffic for your blog posts.
Always do some keyword research before writing a new article, then implement keyword in post title, First paragraph, Last paragraph to improve search engine ranking. Check our SERP Tips to know more about keyword research and search engine ranking.

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