Tuesday, 31 December 2013

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6 Types of Article that Ranks High on Google

Article ranking
Article writing is an important part of blogging. Every blogger writes new article with a hope to rank at first position on Google. But most of the times, articles do not rank well on search engines. This is not because article is not well written, but this is only because blogger didn't follow the certain article writing tips to dominate the search engines. Hence, today we are sharing list of 6 types of article that usually ranks high on Google. So now on-wards, whenever you get any new article writing idea, try to fit that idea into any of the following article type and you will soon realize that your article is ranking high on Google. 

1) How to Articles: How to articles are the most searched and linked articles over internet, so whenever you write something new, try to present it in a tutorial form, if people will find your article useful they will surly link to your article hence it will improve your Google ranking easily.

2) List of Articles: Apart from how to articles, Google loves list of articles very much. Most of the time, whenever I write a list of articles like list of 20 high paying sponsored posting sites or something like that, it starts to rank high on Google. So try to publish some list of articles on your blog to optimize organic traffic.

3) Fresh and Unique articles: Every blogger knows the importance of fresh and unique articles on internet. Google loves new and unique information a lot, Hence if you are writing fresh articles like review of a product which is going to be launching soon, and then there would be high chances that your article will rank high on Google. 

4) Numbered Posts: Numbered or bullet posts such as 5 article writing tips to increase organic traffic, or 6 Copyscape free alternatives rank high on Google. According to Google new algorithm if you add number in your article title and if you are writing valuable content inside post, then in SERP Google will give your article priority over other articles.  

5) Keyword Researched articles: Well keyword researched and keyword optimized blog posts usually rank high on search engines. Keyword research is an important phase of SEO and helps you to boost your SERP. So whenever you write a new article, use Google keyword planner tool to find out a low competition keyword related to your article and once you find a low completion keyword use that keyword in Post title, Post description, First paragraph, middle of article and last of article. After this, do some link building and use the exact keyword as anchor text, and you are ready to rank high on Google.

6) Long Articles: Long articles are one of the best ways to rank for different keywords on Google. One rule of thumb says that if you write long articles then you can rank for both targeted and unintentional keywords easily. Always try to keep word count in between 800-2000 and keep the exact keyword density to 4-5%.

Here comes the end of this article, Do you know, any other type of article that ranks high on Google. If yes, feel free to drop that in comment section below.

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