Tuesday, 17 December 2013

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5 Free Copyscape alternatives for Plagiarism Detection

Free copyscape alternatives
Plagiarism is a serious issue for bloggers since the inception of blogging. Bloggers invest many hours to write a good piece of information and it only takes few seconds for copycats to copy and publish the same piece of information on their blog. Plagiarism is a serious problem because many times copied articles rank above the original articles in google, that’s why detecting and removing copied articles is really important in current SEO. Plagiarism can be easily detected with
the help of plagiarism detection tools like Copyscape. Copyscape is one of the leading tools available in the field of plagiarism detection but its basic version offers limited functionalities to its users. So today we are sharing a list of 5 free Copyscape
alternatives for plagiarism detection. The best thing about these free plagiarism detection tools is that you can detect plagiarism without filling up large sign up forms and paying a single penny.

Free Copyscape Alternatives:

1)Small SEO Tools: Small Seo tools is offering a free online percent based plagiarism detection tool. You can simple copy and enter the text which you want to test and the tool will tell you how much percent your article is unique. It will display the google search result links where your article is appearing. The best thing about this tool is that there is no word limit, so you can even check 5000 words article for plagiarism.

2) PlagiarismChecker.com: Plagiarism checker is a simple Copyscape alternative. It offers plagiarism detection with two giant search engines. The best thing about this tool is its simplicity, you just have to put your article in text box and then click search, no need to fill up captcha and signup forms.

3) DupliChecker: DupliChecker is a leading plagiarism detection tool currently available over internet. It offers two modes to detect plagiarism, in the first, you can simple copy and paste your article in text box and in other mode, you can upload a file from your computer to detect plagiarism. The best thing about DupliChecker is that instead of listing Google search engine links, it lists all the blog’s urls where your entered text exists. Then you can compare your article with listed url to get idea about how much percent text is matching.

4) Plagscan: Plagscan is a simple but powerful tool for plagiarism detection. You can paste or upload your articles to detect plagiarism. It is fast and lists almost all the url of blogs where your article exists. like other free plagiarism detection tools listed above you don’t need to create an account to check your articles for plagiarism.

5) Plagiarism-checker.me : Another simple but efficient tool is plagiarism-checker.me. Plagiarism Checker offers you two different ways to test plagiarism online. Either you can upload a text file or you can paste the selected text to check it for plagiarism. Plagiarism Checker is one and only completely ads free and simple tool available online. All you just need to do, paste the selected text in box and wait for results. The green color indicates the content is cleared whereas the red color indicates the content is plagiarised. It will also show you the percent of text copied, which improves overall usability.

6) Plagiarismsoftware.org: Another free tool to detect plagiarism is plagiarismsoftware.org. Plagiarismsoftware.org helps you maintain your content and keep it 100% unique. The tool helps you find out the rate of duplicity and keeps you the sole owner of your content. The best thing about this tool is plagiarism detection speed and very simple user interface.

7) Plagiarismdetector.net: Last but not the least, Plagiarism Detector is really a great tool to find out copied content on internet. With Plagiarism Detector, you can either copy and paste your piece of content to check the duplicity or you can upload text file to analyze it for plagiarism. The best thing about this tool is that it generates in depth report, so that you can easily analyze the amount of content copied on your page.  

Do you have any other free Copyscape alternatives for plagiarism detection in mind; Feel free to drop them in comment box below.

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