Monday, 16 December 2013

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Tips to Improve Page Load Time of Blogger Blog

Improve page load time
The speed that your blogger blog loads is very crucial to attracting more readers to your blog. Beside this, it is very much important from On-Site Seo aspect. A faster blog serves better to its audience as well as perform great in google updates. If your blog takes a long time to load, then most of its readers leave your blog, before they have the chance to read it. Improving the page load time of blogger’s blog is very simple and anyone can improve the page load time by using some simple blogger tips.

Here are the tips to improve Page Load Time of Blogger Blog:

1) Minimize Number of Posts on Home Page: Blogger provides a option to set the number of posts you want to serve on homepage. You can set the number of posts by editing the Blog posts gadget under layout option. For more refer to screenshot below:

blog posts gadget

Editing blog posts gadget

Ideally, Choose 5-7 posts on homepage, So it will not affect your readership as well.

In addition, always use jump breaks after first paragraph in every post of blogger, so the homepage doesn’t need to load the whole post.

2) Images and Media: Don’t add too many images or videos in an article until and unless they are important. Always convert or reduce the pixel quality of an image to its minimum, So that it will not affect your page load time. Apart from this, Always use .png (Portable Network Graphics) format images.

3) Third Party JavaScripts and iframes: Remove all the third party JavaScripts and iframes from sidebar and put them at the bottom of your blog. It will increase page load time to maximum.

4) Cascading style sheets: If you are using style sheets (CSS) for designing purpose, than make sure you put all the style sheet elements at the top of the template document. 

Once you applied all the above pageload speed up tips, you will see an unbelievable change in page load time of your blog. To check your improved page load time you can use Google PageSpeed Insights tool. 

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