Tuesday, 17 December 2013

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How to Increase Alexa Rank

How to Increase Alexa Rank
“How to increase Alexa Rank” is a hot question among bloggers and webmasters since the inception of Alexa rankings. Alexa is a web-information company which provides ranking to sites according to their traffic estimations. These rankings are very much important to make a blog or website successful on internet. Almost all the direct advertisers check Alexa rankings before sponsoring a website.

So today we are sharing a guide on “How to improve Alexa ranking”, but before that, we will first check how Alexa determines rank of a site.

How Alexa System Assigns Ranking To Blogs and Websites:

Alexa determines ranking of particular site or a blog according to the free Alexa toolbar. In simple terms, to improve Alexa rankings, a blog or website must have good incoming traffic which has Alexa toolbar installed. One thing to notice is that, only high traffic alone can’t increase the Alexa rank of a blog.  The nature of traffic is also important; Means traffic must have Alexa toolbar installed in order to improve Alexa rankings. 

I hope, you have got a fair idea about how Alexa rank works, now moving to next section, which is about how to improve Alexa rank.

Tips to increase Alexa Rank Fast: 

1) Write Daily: Everyone knows that the more you write, the more traffic you will get. So, if you update your blog frequently then chances of getting high volume traffic would be lot better. And hopefully, some of the traffic has Alexa toolbar installed on their browsers, so it will also decrease your Alexa rank from millions to thousands.

2) Write about Alexa:  If you write about Alexa rank, then you will get targeted traffic which has Alexa toolbar already installed. Write about Alexa reviews, Alexa tips, Alexa tricks so that you will get the targeted audience.

3) Promote Alexa Toolbar: No matter how many page views you are getting daily, Your Alexa rank will not increase until and unless visitors have Alexa toolbar installed on their browser. So one common strategy to improve Alexa ranking is to promote Alexa toolbar on your blog, so the returning visitors may install the toolbar on their browser and next time whenever they will visit your blog, will help you to increase your Alexa rank.

4) Use Alexa Widget: As we have already discussed, the main thing which determines Alexa rank of a blog is the traffic that is recognizable by Alexa system. One more thing that we can do to make all the traffic recognizable to Alexa system is adding an Alexa widget on our blog. The two main things that this widget do is, first it displays the current Alexa rank and the second, it transfers the blog traffic information to Alexa system. 

Most of us are using Alexa widget already, but if you are not using then you can create one by going through this link. Just enter your blog address there and click on build widget and add the widget code to your sidebar or footer section, so it will deliver the real-time traffic estimations to Alexa system.

5) Write about blogging and SEO: if you notice one thing closely then you will find that most of the blogging and SEO related blogs have good Alexa rank. It doesn't mean that blogging and SEO related blogs get good traffic, but they get targeted traffic. Most of the Bloggers and SEO experts already know about the importance of Alexa so they use Alexa toolbar on their browser. So if you write about SEO and Blogging Chances to increase Alexa ranking will be improved.

6) Install Alexa Toolbar on your Browser: You are the one who visits your blog more frequently than anyone else. So installing Alexa toolbar on your browser to deliver your traffic information to Alexa system is not a bad move. If you are not using an Alexa toolbar yet, then you can download one from here.

7) Use Black-hat tricks to Increase Alexa: Some black hat tricks are also exist in the SEO world by which we can increase our Alexa quickly, One of the black-hat tricks, I have shared on Seopious, you can read it from here: How to increase Alexa rank quickly.
How you increase your Alexa rank? Do you have any other Alexa tips in mind to improve Alexa rankings, Feel free to drop them in comment box below.

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