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How to pick a good domain name for blog

pick good domain name
Domain names are one of the most important things that are responsible to make an online business successful. They are the first thing that is noticed by visitors. However picking a good domain name is not as easy as it is looks like. Most of the good domain names are already registered by others, but as we all know, Internet is a gold-mine and if you research for domain names smartly then most probably you will end up picking a good domain name for your blog.

So today we are listing 5 tips on “How to pick a good domain name for a blog”, which will surly help you in your domain name research.

Tips to choose a good domain name for a blog:

1) Keep it Short and Sweet:  Always try to look for a short domain name, However the maximum size of domain names are 67 characters. But never choose a domain name with more than 15 characters. Ideal length of a domain name should be in between 5-10 characters. One more important thing to notice is always try to look for domain names which are easy to pronounce and spell. 

2) No Hyphens and Numbers: Hyphens and numbers make domain names look more unprofessional and hard to type. So never use hyphens and numbers in a domain name until and unless they are very much important.

3) Should reflect your blog: Social networking sites are playing an important role in any of the business success, and without sharing or promoting your blog’s domain name on social networking sites your blog can’t get as much success as it deserves.  So it’s important that you will add a keyword in your domain address so the users can get a fair idea about blog’s content before clicking on the link. For i.e. domain name “opious” don’t give any idea about blog content, but when I add a prefix Seo before it, It becomes Seopious and give a fair idea that blog is about search engine optimization.

4) Which TLD to choose: it is very much important to choose a right top level domain name, Now a day’s domain name registers are providing many TLDs including .com, .net, .org, .biz , .uk and so on. These TLDs are enough to let your mind spin.  So a rule of thumb says, always go for a .com TLD, This is because .com is the most popular and oldest TLD available over internet. And most of the times when a visitor forgets your TLD then he types .com after your domain name. But many times your domain name with .com TLD is not available, then in that case choose .net TLD because it’s the second most popular TLD available over internet.

5) Say no to trademarks: Always do some Google research before picking up a domain name to avoid falling in legal problems. Never use domain names that include trademarks in them, because the risk of a legal battle is not worth taking.

6) Directory friendly Domain names: if you are adding a random prefix to your domain name, try to add a prefix that starts with alphabet “A”. Because most of the directories list domain names in alphabetical order and as we all know that directories are one of the biggest sources of referral traffic.

7) Feedback: once you finish picking up a domain name for your blog, don’t forget to take views from your friend’s and colleagues, because ultimately they are the kind of peoples who will visit your blog. And most importantly the one domain name you like may or may not be liked by your audience.

So, how you pick a good domain name for a blog? Do you have any other tips in mind? Feel free to share them in comment box below.

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