Monday, 27 January 2014

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Get PR 10 Dofollow Backlinks From Google And Facebook

create dofollow backlinks from google and facebook
Every blogger loves high pr dofollow backlinks because they are the best way to boost Google pagerank of a blog or site. But the main problem is getting high pagerank dofollow backlink isn't a easy task. But today we are going to show you ways by which you can get PR 10 Dofollow Backlinks from the social networking sites like google and facebook. These links will surly add some weight in your seo and the best thing about this tutorial is that you can create as many backlinks as you want in seconds. So if you are really want to increase your search engine ranking then here is the way to get PR 10 Dofollow backlinks from google and facebook.

How To Create PR 10 Dofollow Backlinks From Google and Facebook

Following are the ways to create dofollow backlinks from google and facebook in seconds.

  • How To Create Dofollow Backlink From Facebook:
Normally when we share a link on facebook then facebook mark that outbound link as nofollow link but recently a flaw is revealed on facebook by which we can get dofollow backlinks from facebook pages. So here are the steps to create dofollow backlink from facebook.

1) Login to your facebook account and Create a facebook page.

2) Add Static Html application to your facebook page. Once done, you will see something like this.

Create Dofollow Backlink From Facebook

3) Now click on the welcome tab. and type <h1><a href="">your site name</a></h1> as you can see in the screenshot below.
Get Dofollow Backlink From Facebook

4) Finally click on save and publish.

Now again open your facebook page and click on welcome tab, You will find your dofollow link there. You can repeat the above process to create any number of dofollow backlinks from facebook.

  • How to Create Dofollow Backlink From Google 
According to alexa stats, Google is the #1 site from all over the internet. Its also a pagerank 10 website so a link from google can work like a charm for any blog or website. Creating a dofollow backlink from google is very easy task and anyone can get a dofollow backlink from google by simply creating a profile on google plus. As we all know, that google hosted google plus on the sub domain of Google so the backlink from google plus will also have the same authenticity as like google.

So without taking much of your time, Here are the steps to get dofollow backlink from google.

1) First create a Google Plus account.

2) Now visit your About page and click on Edit button of story section, as you can see in the screenshot below.
Create Dofollow Backlink From google

3) Once done, you will see something like screenshot below, now click on the link button of introduction section and add your link.
Get Dofollow Backlink From google
4) Now click on save and you are done.

Now check your new dofollow backlink. By the way, google plus is complete dofollow website, you can also share the article on google plus to get PR 10 dofollow backlinks. But google plus news feeds links are not so effective as profile page links and above mentioned way is the only way to get profile page dofollow backlink from google plus.

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