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How to Do Keyword Research

keyword research
Keyword research is an import process in order to get huge organic traffic and high search engine rankings. No matter how well you write or how well you do seo, without proper keyword research your blog or site will not rank on first page of google. And if your blog will not rank on first page of google, then nobody will visit your site. Our today’s guide on How to do keyword research will teach you How to find out most profitable keywords for your blog posts to get maximum traffic. In this guide, we will try to remove all your doubts regarding keyword research
and keyword competition and will try to expose some leading keyword research and keyword competition analysis tool to make overall process simple. In this guide we will use google keyword planner tool for keyword research and market samurai to check keyword competition.

So without taking much of your time, here we go.

How to do keyword research:

Keyword research is a process to find out high search volume and low competition keywords. Let’s say, you have a health site about weight loss and you want to do keyword research for that. Then your first priority will be, to find profitable keywords that will bring huge amount to your site. So, here is the way to find profitable keywords.

1) Go to google keyword planner and login there.

2) Now under Tools and Analysis menu, click on keyword planner.

3) After that click on new keyword and ad group ideas. And enter any keyword related to your site in Your product or service text box.

Keyword research

4) Leave all other text boxes empty and click on get ideas.

5) Soon after that, you will get some search results about Ad group ideas, Switch tab to Keyword ideas.

6) You will see some related keyword suggestion along with traffic and competition estimation.

Keyword research using google keyword tool

7) Now your main task is to choose the high traffic plus low competition keyword from the list. As we have done in screenshot above.

But as we all know, the competition in google keyword planner tool is for advertisers who are bidding on same keywords. So before selecting any keyword we have to ensure again that the competition is actually low. So to cross check google keyword planner competition for particular keyword, we are now going to use market samurai.

How to check keyword competition with market samurai

1) Download and install free trail of market samurai from here.

2) Create a new project after that, in keyword text field, enter the keyword that we have found using keyword planner and then click on create.

Keyword research using market samurai

3) Now you will see many options like rank tracker, domains, and keyword research and seo competition. Just click on seo competition.

4) Once done, click on generate results to find out the details about the top 10 websites who are ranking for particular keyword.

Keyword research using market samurai

5) As you can see in the above screenshot, that the first 2 search results on google are very difficult to beat. They both have an old domain and using the keyword in Title, URL, Description and Header. While the 3rd , 4th and 5th results are little less competing for the keyword “weight loss motivation” because they are not using the keyword in title, description and URL.

So, if we do some on-site seo like using the keyword in title, header, URL and description then we can easily rank on the first page of google at 3rd ,4th or 5th position. But incase if you are looking for #1 ranking for keyword then again follow “How to do keyword research section” above and find other keyword with high traffic and low competition, then test it using market samurai. If market samurai generate results in which #1 ranking website is not much competitive and have less domain age, low PR, not targeting keyword from title, URL, Header or description. Then optimize that keyword with your blog or site.

I hope you would have found this guide on How to do keyword research helpful.  If you have any other question on keyword research, then comment it in comment box below, I will try my best to assist you.

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