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5 Google Adsense Alternatives

adsense alternatives
As we all know that google adsense is highest paying ad network since the inception of blogging. But getting adsense approval is now not an easy task, that’s why bloggers are looking for google adsense alternatives. If you search over internet for google adsense alternatives then you will get thousands of alternatives but the main thing here is most of the google adsense alternatives are not paying high. So today we are going to write an article on 5 best high paying google adsense alternatives. I hope you will find this article helpful.

Google Adsense Alternatives:

1)BuySellads: buySellads is one of the best google adsense alternatives; here bloggers can sell the ad spots directly to advertisers. Buysellads works as a middle man and charge 25% per transaction. So whenever you will sell any ad spot on your site using buySellads then you have to pay 25% commission to buySellads. Let’s say you sold an ad spot in 100$ per month, then you will get 75$ in your account. Apart from this you will get relevant ads from buySellads. If you are an adsense publisher then also you can use buySellads with adsense.

Following are the minimum requirements to getting approved in buySellads network:
  • 100k minimum monthly impressions.
  • Website should be live, finished and have fresh content.
  • Custom domain name (i.e. ).
  • No illegal content.
2) is another high paying adsense alternative.  If your blog is getting high volume of traffic from US/UK then earnings would be lot higher than google adsense. ads pay accordingly to impressions and RPM depends on the traffic quality and ads placement. If you have a decent blog with some traffic then you can request an invite to get into ads by going through their site. Publisher support of ads is very good and you will get a personal customer support representative who will help you in entire process. Beside this, Ad relevance is also very good and you will get only targeted ads. Minimum payout of ads is 100$ and it offers different payment methods including cheque and PayPal. Here are the different ad formats of ads
infolinks offers various ad formats including inText, inSearch,inTag and inFrame. The best ad format is inText, you can use up to 12 links in your posts and whenever a user clicks on these links you will get cost of that click in your account. Signup and approval process of infolinks is very easy and a blog with very less amount of traffic can also get approval in their program. Minimum payment threshold is different for different payment method, for eCheck, Paypal, Payoneer and local bank transfer its $50 while wire transfer its $100. One of the best things about infolinks is that we can use it with adsense.Here is how infolinks inText based advertisement looks.
 infolinks ads

4)Chitka: Chitka is another high paying google adsense alternative. It’s a search driven advertising network, means your visitors will only see ads when they come from search engine. Signup and approval process of chitka is very simple and even small websites with low traffic can apply for their publisher account. Chitka has some levels for publisher accounts like silver level and gold level. If your site is really good, then you can apply for gold level ad program to see surge in terms of revenue. Chitka offers different ad formats like banner ads, mobile ads, inText ads, hover ads and highlight ads. Chitka is completely compatible is google adsense and has a very low payment threshold. The minimum payment threshold in chitka is $10 for PayPal payment method and for cheque payment method minimum payment threshold is $50. Here is how chitka ads looks on blogs.

chitka ads

5)Kontera: Kontera is another google adsense alternative with high payout. It offers inText ads which can be used along with google adsense. The inText ads of Kontera is similar like infolinks and whenever a user click on Kontera embedded link in your post, you will get cost of that click in your account. Kontera accepts even very small publishers with very low traffic, so it’s one of the best advertisement platforms for small bloggers. Minimum payment threshold of Kontera is $50 and it offers payment using PayPal or wire transfers. Payout time of Kontera is Net 30. kontera ads

So, what you think on our list of 5 Google adsense alternatives, Do you have any other high paying alternative in mind, Comment that in comment box below.

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