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7 Best Books on Marketing

Books on Marketing
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Marketing is the process of communicating the cons of a product to customers, inorder to sell the product. I have read seven books on marketing, and since the inception of my blogging journey, reading is one of the most important things I do, I will now share with you what books on marketing I've read, and also why you should read them all. In the past, as have most of the books I've read have been books about marketing, but as you might understand, it's not books you traditionally would have said about marketing.

Marketing is a lot and it's complicated. It's not just about ads, or what we might call direct sales. Today, marketing is much more complicated, but at the same time, it is also becoming much easier. Marketing is today primarily about telling stories and adapt to customer needs.

Seven books on marketing

The Icarus Deception:

Seth Godin is one of my favorite authors when it comes to books about marketing. I have read most of his writings, and what I can say about The Icarus Deception is that it is different, and that it is primarily about why marketing has changed, and why a company must do things very differently today than previously. The book is that we must consider what we do as art and not as a regular job, so a job has been viewed historically.

The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur:

The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur is primarily a book about it to start their own business, and doing something with the ideas you have. I have taken it with the books on marketing because it addresses several important issues, such as how easy it now is to get the most, and what we can do to ensure our customers are satisfied (no matter who the client is).


Enchantment is about how we can fascinate other people, and there are also a lot of marketing is about. We need to create stories and tell stories in a way that our customers are interested in us and want to know more.

Amazing Things Will Happen:

Amazing Things Will Happen is quite similar Enchantment, though it is written in a completely different way. The book is about the choices we make and how we can achieve what we want by doing "nontraditional" thing.

Soup: A Recipe two Nourish Your Team and Culture:

Soup is a book about the importance of building a proper culture of the enterprise or organization. Marketing is much more than the few people who have the dedicated tasks. Marketing must be reflected in the organization, and is a very important part of the culture.

Turning Pro:

Turning pro is an important book. It's about what it takes for us to go from being amateurs we are professional actors. The theme of the book is general, but it can be used in marketing, the authors, they engaged in the arts, and more. The book is more or less a book about self-help, but the reason I bring it to the list of books about marketing is that it has many very good examples of methods that we can use to achieve results.

The War of Art:

The War of Art is written by Steven Pressure Field, who has also written Turning Pro. The book has a slightly different theme than Turning Pro, but like The Icarus Deception, then take the book out why it is so important to do what we are passionate about and what we should do to get started and finished our projects. The book provides a very interesting insight into the working methods, but also how we should look at our work and products.

Final Words:

If you are looking for a career in internet marketing then I recommend that you should read all the above mentioned marketing books. If you have any other marketing book in mind, then kindly drop the name in comment box below.

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