Saturday, 10 May 2014

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Fix Site Does Not Comply With Google Policies Adsense Issue

fix site does not comply with Google policies
For a blogger, getting an adsense account approved is like a dream come true. The reason is quite clear, adsense is one of the best and highest paying ad network till today. Getting an adsense account approved is not easy, especially in Asian countries. After seeing so many fraudulent activities, adsense has made strict policies for Asian countries, that’s why most of the bloggers when apply for adsense gets a mail which says “Your site does not comply with Google policies”.

If you are one of those bloggers who have got the same mail, then you know that the mail doesn't come with enough information about which adsense policies your site is violating. This makes the overall troubleshooting harder and after reapplying few times bloggers give up.

So today I am sharing some tips to fix site does not comply with Google policies issue, I hope following adsense tips will help you to get your adsense account approved soon.

1) Remove Copyright Material: The most probable reason why you have got “Site does not comply with Google policies” mail is copyright content. adsense is very strict on copyright content and if your site contains copyright content, copyright template or copyright images then they will not take you in their monetization program. So to overcome from this issue, Make sure your site contains 100% original content and copyright free images. If using copyright content is necessary then don’t forget to give credits to owner.

2) Improve User Interface and Navigation: Crappy user interface is another big reason why adsense doesn't take most of publisher in its monetization program. Make sure you are using a clean theme and user can reach to any post in maximum 2 clicks. Additionally you can also use an html sitemap like this to improve blog navigation.

3) Remove illegal Content: If your site contains content related to hacking, hate speech, drugs & adult material then adsense will never consider your blog. The best way to deal with this issue is remove all content that doesn't fits on adsense criteria.

4) Privacy Policy and About us Page: Now it’s mandatory that site who is applying for adsense must have privacy policy and about us page. You can create a professional privacy policy with online privacy policy generators like serprank. And if you are confused that how to write a good about us page then check out our about us page.

5) Site age: For some countries adsense has made a policy according to which, site which is applying for adsense must have at least 6 months age. So if your site is less than 6 month old, then don’t apply for adsense.

Note: if after applying, you have got a mail from adsense which says “Your site does not comply with Google policies”. Then don’t apply after 2-3 days instead first try to resolve issue and wait for at least 1 month, because if you apply frequently, then adsense moderator will put your site into sandbox, and then adsense approval will become more difficult.

I hope you would have found this article helpful. If you have any queries in mind, then don’t forget to put them in comment box below.

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